Eros and Psyche is about helping you bring about change and improvement to all areas of your life.  Eros and Psyche were mythic lovers who faced almost insuperable obstacles and both of them had to free themselves from their limitations before they could achieve happiness and love together.

We use their story to help you to undertake your own journey of discovery and exploration into yourself, your desires, pleasures and motivations.  We act as your guide and, as you take the journey, you will notice how your life and relationships change.

You will find that your capacity to find love and fulfilment will grow because love – reaching out from the heart – is at the heart of real personal transformation.  You will leave past, unhelpful ideas, behaviours, personal perspectives and relationships behind you and you will increasingly attract real and lasting love into your life.

We will help you to learn new skills, tools and techniques that will nurture love in your relationships and in your dealings with others in all areas of your life.

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Jude Levy on ‘Find Your Soulmate’ from Jude Levy on Vimeo.




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